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Quarter Midget Shocks and Springs






NEW --
VISION Series Shocks



  • Micro Tower shim support Shims will not deflect during direction change

  • 62% increased air/gas chamber virtually eliminating rod/shaft pressure

  • PERIMETER FLOW pistons reduce hysteresis

  • New Sandvick Steel shim stacks

  • Lightest shock on the market

  • One shock length fits all cars

  • Custom Valving Available


Tanner by Mittler, with feedback from customers, has designed, developed and extensively tested our new Vision shock. The Vision shock is the most universal, user friendly shock available and hands down yields the fastest lap times. We have extracted the solid features from our Platinum 4 shock such as the NO LEAK seal, quick change spring feature, Titanium Nitride shaft coating, and added several additional PERFORMANCE driven features

Tanner Shocks
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Part # Description Price Qty
2137-G2/  Gen 2 Shock, 50-50 $159.00
2137-G2/S  Gen 2 Shock, Split Valve $159.00
2137-P4/  Platinum 4 Shock, 50-50 $179.00
2137-P4/S  Platinum 4 Shock, Split Valve $179.00
2137-V/  NEW Vision Shock, 50-50 $189.00
2137-VS/  Vision Shock, Split Valve $189.00

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NEW - Tanner Shock Rebuild Tool Kit

All the tools you need to work 
on the shocks


Valve stem kit 

Replace short valve stem with a new longer valve stem    

Valve Core tool

Easily remove the valve core on the shock 

Bottom ends

Short or long

Adjuster ring & cone

Clamp style ring


Tanner Shock Tools & Parts

Part # Description Price Qty
2137-K  Tanner Shock Rebuild Tool Kit $135.00
2137-W  Tanner Universal Shock Wrench $25.00
2137-C  Shock Clamp, holds bottom end $29.50
2137-CB  Shock Body Clamp $22.00
2137-O  Shock Oil, 1 Pt - does 6 shocks $9.50
2137-I  Inflation Adapter extension $12.50
2137-VSK  Valve stem kit with valve core $9.50
2137-VC  Valve core only $.50
2137-VCT  Valve core tool, deluxe $8.50
2137-BS  Bottom Rod End, short $6.50
2137-BL  Bottom Rod End, long $6.50
2137-ARC  Adjuster Ring, clamp style $16.00
2137-BC  Bottom Cone $16.00
2137-BCS  Bottom Cone Spacer $4.50

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NEW - Yellow Seal Conversion Unit
You can convert any Gen 2/3 shock to use the new Platinum 4 Yellow seal by replacing the bottom screw in unit (comes complete with seal installed)
Each one is priced individually -- $29.50

Tanner Accessories

  • "O" Ring Kits for Gen 1, 2, 3 & 4 shocks

  • Universal Shock Wrench

  • Shock Oil - 1 Pt does 6 shocks!!

  • Pressure inlet extension for shock

  • Stainless shafts - GEN 1 short & long

  • Stainless shafts - GEN 2, GEN 3, Platinum 4

  • Universal Shock Clamp Tool 

Tanner Shock Rebuild Kits


Part # Description Price Qty
2137-R1  Gen 1 Rebuild Kit
Works with Hunter Shocks
2137-R2  Gen 2 Rebuild Kit, prior to Jan 2009 $13.00
2137-R4  Gen 2, Platinum 4 Kit - for shocks using the yellow seal $13.00
2137-G1/SS  Gen 1 Short shaft, 1 pc $27.50
2137-G1/SL  Gen 1 Long shaft, 1 pc $27.50
2137-S1  Gen 2 shaft, 1 pc $27.50
2137-S2  Gen 2 shaft kit, 2 pcs $55.00
2137-P4/S1  Platinum 4/Vision shaft, 1 pc $27.50
2137-P4/S2  Platinum 4/Vision shaft kit, 2 pcs $55.00
2137-P4/Y  Yellow Shaft seal $4.50
2137-PYC  Yellow Seal Conversion Kit, each  $29.50
2137-RV  Vision Shock Rebuild Kit  $13.00

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