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Heavy Duty Tie Rod Straightener

  • 3/4" Tube Handles are easy to grip while straightening the rods.   

  •  4130 Alloy tube for high strength.

  • 1/2" or 5/8" ends available

  • One Angled Head and one Straight Head  
    lets you get in at any angle to bend the rod.

  • Powder Coated Red


Alignment Bars

  • 5/8" Front End Bars

  • 1 1/4" Rear End Bars

  • Bright Finish Aluminum

  • Chrome Plated rods

Ride Hite Gauge

  • Quickly measures the ride height at each corner of the car.

  • Just slip it under the frame and push in until slider bottoms out. 
    Remove and read the ride height directly.

  • Close up picture above shows how you read the gauge


Caster/Camber Gauges


  • Gauge Attach directly to the 5/8" spindle bolt  (picture shown on left side)

  • Small, hand held digital gauge is held on the spindle bolt itself to measure.

  • Both measure Caster and Camber 

Tire Durometers
  Standard Durometer
  • Measure Tire Hardness

  • Compare tires and different compounds

Robic Stopwatches

Now with more memory!

  • Model 505W has a 12 lap memory

  • Model 606W has a 50 lap memory
    and countdown timer. 

  • Back to Back laps! Time every lap.

FASTACH - Tachometer

  • Newly redesigned and smaller

  • Stores the highest RPM on the track

  • Reading remains in memory until deleted

  • Economical and easy to use

  • Mounting bracket is sold separate

10" RaceScale JR

  • 10 x 10 CNC Billet Aluminum Pads
  • 9 Heavy Duty Flexible Cables
  • Displays All Weights and Percentages
  • Zero All Pads at Once or Individually
  • 40 Hr. Battery Life ( rechargeable)


NEW - Transponder Brackets - 2 models
  • Left Bracket is for the older 160 Transponder

  • Right Bracket is for the newer X2 Transponder

  • Attaches easily to the side of the car

  • Attach one bracket to each car and
    transfer transponders quickly.



Part # Description Price Qty
2201-1/2  Tie Rod Straightener, 1/2 inch ends $49.50
2201-5/8  Tie Rod Straightener, 5/8 inch ends $49.50
2202-F  Front End Alignment Tool  $69.00
2202-R  Rear End Alignment Tool  $69.00
2202-C Caster - Camber Gauge with 5/8 adapter, in case $159.00
2204--30/2 1/2  Tanner Air Gauge w/release valve, 30#, 2 1/2" size $29.50
2205-12  NEW - Robic 505W Stopwatch, 12 lap memory $27.50
2205-30  NEW - Robic 606W Stopwatch, 50 lap memory $37.50
2206 NEW FasTach - small tachometer for Honda $49.50
2206-B6 NEW FasTach Bracket - mounts on 3/4 frame tube $25.00
2206-B7 NEW FasTach Bracket - mounts on 7/8 frame tube $25.00
2208 Ride Height Gauge, each $15.00
2212-160 Transponder Bracket for 160 Transponder (Yellow) $9.95
2212-X2 Transponder Bracket for X2 Transponder $9.95
2209-10W 10" Racescale JR $975.00
2204-D Durometer - Tire Hardness Gauge - Standard $54.95
2202-CH Caster - Camber Gauge - small hand held unit $29.50

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