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Steering Shaft Mounting Bracket

  • Designed for NC cars but you can use this mount on any car with a tab welded to the cross tube

  • The mount shown on the left will work by itself.

  • The plate shown on the right is an extender bracket which will drop the steering down more.

  • Both brackets allow you to adjust the steering

  • Brackets available separately

  • Machined from Billet Aluminum

Quick Release Steering Hubs


  • Pushing the pin releases steering wheel

  • Solid mount takes the wobble out of the
    steering wheel.


"PULL UP"  Hub

  • Grip the steering wheel with both hands and pull
    up on the steering hub lip to release the wheel

  • Splined insert only is available


Splined Steering Shafts - Solid or Tube

  • Shafts are available in 6" & 34" lengths.
  • Build your own or buy a complete shaft.
  • Pitman (steering) arms available separately
  • Tube Steering shaft, 5/8 - .049, 4130 tube for lighter weight.

Splined Steering Hub

  • Use hub with most any steering wheel.
  • Use 5/8" locking collars to locate shaft, or hold in position. 
  • Bolts & Nuts available separately.


3/4 Steering Wheel

  • Classic 1/4 Midget Steering Wheel

  • Textured soft rubber for easy grip

  • 7/8" Dia Hand Grip

  • 1/4" thick aluminum spokes.

  • Holes, predrilled for steering hub.

  • Steering pad sold separately.

  3/4 Steering Pads

  • This pad snaps around the steering wheel so it can't come off.
  • Fits 3/4 steering wheel above

"D" Shaped Steering Wheel

  • Rubber Molded

  • Holes predrilled for steering hub

  • 1 1/8" Hand Grip

  • Steering pad sold separately

NC Full Circle Steering Wheel

  • Bigger 11" Diameter for easier steering

  • Suede wrapped for firm grip

  • Small and Large grip available

  • Steering pad available separate

Part # Description Price Qty
2055  Steering Shaft Mount, bearing welded to tube $15.00
2055-NC  Steering Shaft Mount, NC $35.00
2055-NCX  Steering Shaft Mount extender, NC $19.50
2050-34  Splined Steering shaft, 34 inch long, no tabs $19.50
2051-C  Shaft w/strg arms, specify overall length $39.50
2051-T  Tube Steering shaft w/arms, 4130 tube, specify length $49.50
2052  Steering arm (pitman arm), each $4.00
2053-Q  Quick Release Steering hub, pull up design $59.50
2053-QP  Quick Release Steering hub, push pin design $55.00
2053-QS  Quick Release pull up hub, splined insert only $22.50
2053-QPS  Quick Release push pin hub, splined insert only $22.50
2053-S  Steering Hub, splined (basic splined hub) $9.50
2056  Steering Wheel, 3/4 circle  $59.00
2056-P  Wrap-around Steering Pad for 3/4 wheel $19.50
2057-L  D Shaped Steering wheel $65.00
2057-P  NEW - Wrap-around Steering Pad for D wheel  $24.95
2058-NCSS  NC Full Circle Steering Wheel, Small Grip $85.00
2058-NCLS  NC Full Circle Steering Wheel, Large Grip $85.00
2058-NCP  NC Full Circle Steering Wheel Pad $19.50
2053-C  5/8 inch Locking Collar with set screw, each $1.50
2054  5/8 inch Steering Bearing - use on top mount or on axle $7.50

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