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NEW - Boomerang Bearing Carriers
A lower cost alternative to high priced carriers 

  • Radius arms now mount directly above and below the axle.

  • Left shows the left hand carrier with the shock mount on the front and down below the axle.

  • Adjustable Panhard Bar mounts on the back side

  • Right shows the right hand carrier with the shock mount on the back and down below the axle. The brake mounts on the front.

  • The bearings are mounted in rings, one on each side of the plate. The rings are of equal width and the bearings are separated by the width of the plate for stability.

  • A spacer is required between the bearings if they are used on a Splined Axle. 




FISER Bearing Carriers - 

  • Lightweight Billet Aluminum

  • Bearings are stacked, no spacers needed.

  • Brake mounts on front of right side carrier

  • Order 1 1/4" bearings separate

Fiser RH Carrier with
extended brake plate

  • Plate bolts to New Fiser RH Bearing Carrier

  • Use to mount standard Martin Brake

  • Gives more space between the carrier and the brake disc.

  • Allows Shock to be mounted on inside of carrier.

  • Can move wheel and tire closer to carrier.



Part # Description Price Qty
2100R  Boomerang R.H. Bearing Carrier, w/brgs, bolts & nuts $49.50
2100L  Boomerang L.H. Bearing Carrier. w/brgs, bolts & nuts $49.50
2101R  R.H. Carrier Plate only $25.00
2101L  L.H. Carrier Plate only $25.00
2102  Bearing Ring, use one on each side of plate, each $12.50
2102-B  Set of 6 bolts and nuts $1.25
2103-R FISER RH Bearing Carrier, less bearings $85.00
2103-L FISER LH Bearing Carrier, less bearings $85.00
2103-BE Brake Mount plate, extended for Martin Brake $8.50
2100-S Bearing Carrier splined axle spacer, .375 thick, each $5.00
2105  1 1/4 inch Bearing, each $5.00

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