Quarter Midgets


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Quarter Midget Shocks and Springs





NEW -- 5500 Series ARS Shocks


Try the Shock Covers to keep the dirt out!   

  • The 5500 Series Quarter Midget Shock provides both high speed and low speed control 
  • The pre-loaded shim stack on the main piston provides for high speed dampening unequaled in any quarter midget shock on the market. 
    The rougher the track, the higher the performance
  • Weekly maintenance is eliminated by shaft seals that don't leak 
  • Clamp style adjusting ring and slotted cone

ARS Shafts, bushings and seals

Bottom Shock Ends
Machined from billet aluminum
Short, Standard and Long

Adjuster Rings and Cones


Quarter Midget Progressive Spring Kits


The 1 tall conical spring provides a progressive spring rate for the quarter midget chassis. The spring fits over the shaft on the shock and works in conjunction with the main 1 5/8 I.D. spring on the shock.  The compromise of choosing the soft spring rate for corner entry and exit with the need for a stiffer rate to rotate the center of the corner is over!  Now, with the combination of the two springs working together, you can create the best of both spring rates.

When using the dual spring combination on the right rear corner of the chassis, a soft spring rate is created causing grip on corner entry and forward bite on corner exit. The progressive spring allows you to establish another rate for the middle of the corner when the right rear is heavily loaded.  This spring combination is ideal for a chassis that is free on corner entry and exit, but is tight in the middle of the corner.

The progressive spring is an advantage for the right front corner on fast, high banked tracks especially in heavier classes. When the chassis has a tendency to be loaded up hard in the center of the corner and scrub off speed, the progressive spring will allow you to prevent pinning the right front suspension in the middle of the corner.


Now there are three spring options for the progressive spring kits. Yellow being the most soft, Orange being the mid range and Blue being the most stiff.

Kit Includes:

(1) Conical Spring

(1) Washer

(1) Travel Indicator

(10) Split Washers


NEW - ARS Bump Rubber Kit

 Turn your springs into Progressive Springs

The urethane bump rubber is designed to turn a liner spring rate into a progressive spring package. The conical bump rubbers work in conjunction with the standard 1-5/8 spring. The urethane bump rubbers serve two purposes on the right side of the chassis. The first is an opportunity to create a progressive spring rate to help free the chassis up. The second is to have the ability to run a softer main spring and then add the bump rubbers to get the desired spring rate. This package helps the chassis through the bumpy irregular parts of the race track. 

Kit Includes:

(20) Shims

(10) Divider Washers

(5) Bump Rubbers 30 Duro.

(5) Bump Rubbers 40 Duro.

(4) Thin Washers



ARS Shock Recommendation Table

NOTE: The standard shock is a long shock. If you want a short one - please specify.
Split Valve Shock - the first number is rebound, the second number is compression.

Shocks listed below are shipped without the external pressure inlet.
If you want the pressure inlet - add $10.00 - please specify in order

Part # Description Price Qty
2134-3  ARS 5503 Shock, #3 valving, 50-50  - with coil kit $250.00
2134-4  ARS 5504 Shock, #4 valving, 50-50 - with coil kit $250.00
2134-3/4  ARS 5505 Shock, 3 rebound/4 compression - with coil kit $250.00
2134-4/3  ARS 5504/3 Shock, 4 rebound/3 compression - with coil kit $250.00
2134-CS  ARS 5505 - Custom Shock only - specify $199.50
2134-CKFS  ARS Coil Kit, Flat seat $49.50
2134-CKCS  ARS Coil Kit, Cone seat $49.50
2134-SSB  ARS  shaft seal only $7.85
2134-SS ARS replacement shaft only, short $32.00
2134-SL ARS replacement shaft only, long $32.00
2134-SAKY ARS Spring Assist Kit - Yellow $19.50
2134-SAKO ARS Spring Assist Kit, Orange $19.50
2134-SAKB ARS Spring Assist Kit, Blue $19.50
2134-BR ARS Bump Rubber Kit - NEW $97.00
2134-ARC ARS Adjuster Ring, clamp style $29.00
2134-ARM ARS Adjuster Ring, minimum clearance $22.50
2134-BF ARS Bottom Seat only, flat $19.50
2134-BC ARS Bottom Seat only, cone (for more clearance) $19.50
2134-W ARS Wrench $24.50
2134-O ARS Shock Oil, 1 Qt $12.00
2134-BS ARS Bottom Rod End, Short $39.00
2134-BM ARS Bottom Rod End, Standard, Med Length $39.00
2134-BL ARS Bottom Rod End, Long $39.00
2134-SC ARS Shock Cover, each $19.50

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