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Quarter Midget Shocks and Springs





NEW -- 5500 Series ARS Shocks

Shock shown with optional pressure inlet 


  • The 5500 Series Quarter Midget Shock provides both high speed and low speed control 
  • The pre-loaded shim stack on the main piston provides for high speed dampening unequaled in any quarter midget shock on the market. 
    The rougher the track, the higher the performance
  • Weekly maintenance is eliminated by shaft seals that don't leak 
  • Clamp style adjusting ring and slotted cone


ARS Shafts, bushings and seals

NEW - Spring Assist Kit

Bottom Shock Ends
Machined from billet aluminum
Short, Standard and Long

Adjuster Rings and Cones


ARS Shock Recommendation Table

NOTE: The standard shock is a long shock. If you want a short one - please specify.
Custom Shock - the first number is rebound, the second number is compression.
Coil Kit must be ordered separate - the cone seat gives more clearance for mounting.

Shocks listed below are shipped without the external pressure inlet.
If you want the pressure inlet - please specify. 

Part # Description Price Qty
2134-3  ARS 5503 Shock only, #3 valving, 50-50 $185.00
2134-4  ARS 5504 Shock only, #4 valving, 50-50 $185.00
2134-3/4  ARS 5505 Shock only, 3 rebound/4 compression $185.00
2134-4/3  ARS 5504/3 Shock only, 4 rebound/3 compression $185.00
2134-CS  ARS 5505/Custom Shock only - specify $185.00
2134-CKFS  ARS Coil Kit, Flat seat $25.00
2134-CKCS  ARS Coil Kit, Cone seat $25.00
2134-SSB  ARS  Blue shaft seal only (used to be Yellow) $5.50
2134-SS ARS replacement shaft only, short $24.00
2134-SL ARS replacement shaft only, long $24.00
2134-SAK ARS Spring Assist Kit $16.00
2134-BS ARS Bottom Rod End, Short $22.50
2134-BM ARS Bottom Rod end, Standard, Med length $22.50
2134-BL ARS Bottom Rod end, Long $22.50
2134-ARC ARS Adjuster Ring, clamp style $17.50
2134-ARM ARS Adjuster Ring, minimum clearance $17.50
2134-BF ARS Bottom Seat only, flat $12.50
2134-BC ARS Bottom Seat only, cone (for more clearance) $12.50
2134-W ARS Wrench $22.50
2134-O ARS Shock Oil, 1 Qt $14.75

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