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  •       4 AHr, 4.1 lbs, 4 1/2" x 2 3/16" x 3 3/8"

          5 AHr, 5.1 lbs, 4 1/2" x 2 3/16" x 4 3/16"


12 V  AGM Battery

  • Absorbed Glass Matt Technology

  • Maintenance Free Sealed Design

  • No liquid Acid, zero corrosion

  • Resists extreme vibration and heat

  • Very low discharge rate

  • Heavy Duty terminal design

  • Charged and ready to go

  Available in 2 sizes, both with the same 
  base dimensions. 
  If weight is not a problem then the higher
  amperage  battery will last longer. 


NEW - Switch Mounting Bracket

For Novice Drivers where a switch 
is required on the top of the cage

12V Coil - Small & Vibration Proof
This is the one everyone uses
Only $32.50


Part # Description Price Qty
2180-12S4 12VX4L-B AGM Battery, 4 AHr $29.50
2180-12S5 12VX5L-B AGM Battery, 5 AHr $34.95
2181 12 Volt Coil, small round  $32.50
2182 Switch, Heavy duty $6.50
2184-M Condenser for Continental/Deco motor, Mallory $8.95
2184-S Condenser for Stock motor, economy $4.95
2182-B Switch Mounting Bracket, to clamp on 7/8 cage tube $25.00
2182-BS Switch Mounting Bracket with heavy duty switch  $31.50

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