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NEW - Boomerang Head Rest

Head Rest - mounted close to side

  • Shows Head Rest mounted close to the left side for drivers who lean over while driving.     This gives better control of the car when driving on an asphalt or concrete track.

Head Rest - mounted close to center

  • Shows Head Rest mounted near the center of the car for drivers sitting up straight. This gives more weight transfer to the outside tires when driving on a dirt track.

Head Rest - back side

  • The Head Rest is channeled to provide extra strength while maintaining a lightweight design.
  • Fastens with 2 - 1/4" Pan head bolts.
  • Adjustable sideways in 2" steps.

Head Rest with 1/2" Closed Cell Neoprene Foam Rubber

Bonus - 1 extra pad is included with kit

Head Rest - Mounting Plate

  • The Head Rest Mounting Plate is also  channeled to provide extra strength while maintaining a lightweight design.
  • Head Rest is attached to the 5/8" support tubes with 2 - 5/8" custom mounting clips.

Head Rest - Mounting Clip

  • Shows a close up of the Custom Clip used to attach the Head Rest Mounting Plate
  • Clip clamps securely to the 5/8" support tube and uses a standard 7/16 Oval Head Dzus

Mounting Plate with Clips
Kirkey Head Rest also shown

3"x .090" Aluminum Channel 

1/2" Thick Foam with adhesive backing


  • Designed for the younger driver that is just starting out and needs extra head support.
  • Simple straight forward design.
  • 8" Head Rest gives good helmet contact.
  • 1/2" Closed Cell Foam w/adhesive backing.
  • Head Rest adjusts easily sideways in 2" steps.
  • .090" thick aluminum for light weight
  • Channeled to provide extra strength.
  • Design includes clearance to allow the head rest to be moved up higher on the support tubes.
  • Attaches to 5/8" frame support tubes using the custom clips. 
  • Bonus - 1 extra Foam Pad is included in kit
  • Head Rest parts can be ordered separate.


  • Head Rest Assy comes without the clip holes drilled so you can fit it exactly to your own frame support tubes



Part # Description Price Qty
2019 Boomerang Head Rest Assy - complete w/clips $89.00
2019-B Back Plate only with holes for mounting Head Rest $29.50
2019-BN Back Plate only - no holes but cutout on ends $25.00
2019-BC 3"-.090" x 16" Aluminum Channel - make your own $12.50
2019-HR Head Rest Plate with 1/2" Foam $39.50
2019-HRC Head Rest Clip with 7/16" Dzus, each $9.50
2019-F38 Head Rest Foam, 3" x 8" x 1/2" with adhesive backing $7.50
2018-HB Kirkey Head Rest with black cloth cover $49.00
2018-HR Kirkey Head Rest with red cloth cover $49.00

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