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NEW -- Animal Pipes and Flanges

NEW - Ceramic Coated Animal Pipe

Animal Pipe with 3 Mufflers

7/8" or 1" Header 

Animal Pipe - Side Mount, 2 mufflers

ONLY -- $119.50

  • 2 Pc adjustable pipe

  • 1" header tube expands to 1 1/8"

  • Pipe mounts down side of car
    and bolts to the knerf bar.

  • Comes complete with flange.

  • Knerf bar bracket is extra.

Animal Flanges and Gaskets

  • 1/4" thick flange - 7/8" hole

  • Animal flange meets QMA spec

  • Wire mesh exhaust gaskets
    used on Deco engines for
    over 40 years.

Animal Pipe Headers

  • 7/8" Header has smaller radius and
     fits closer to the motor

  • 1" Header has more clearance

Tanner Pipe Bracket

  • Use with side mount pipes

  • One side bolts to tab on muffler stack

  • Other side clamps around the knerf bar


Part # Description Price Qty
2179-A2-7/8  Animal Pipe, 7/8 header, 2 muffler stack $119.50
2179-A3-7/8  Animal Pipe, 7/8 header, 3 muffler stack $149.50
2179-A3-1  Animal Pipe, 1 inch header, 3 muffler stack $149.50
2179-A3-1C  Animal Pipe, 1 inch header, 3 muffler stack - CERAMIC COATED $189.00
2179-H7/8  Animal Pipe, 7/8 header only $45.00
2179-H1  Animal Pipe, 1 inch header only $45.00
2179-A2  Animal Pipe, 2 way stack only $72.50
2179-A3  Animal Pipe, 3 way stack only $92.50
2179-F  Animal Flange assy with tube & gasket $12.50
2179-FL  Animal Flange only (no tube) $5.00
2179-E  Animal Exhaust gasket $1.50
2169-T  Tanner Knerf Bar Bracket $29.50

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