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What Gears do you need - Check out these charts first

#40 Chain Gear Charts

Belt Drive Gear Chart


NEW - Smoker Belt Drive Engine Gear

Fits the Smoker Steel Triangle Hub

NEW - Rear Axle Belt Drive Gears

Plastic Gears are split for easy changing

Bolt Kit replaces bolts on the standard hub

Belt must match your car and gear selection

Smoker Quick Change Hub & Gears
for World Formula

7075-T6 Aluminum for superior wear

Square Hole drive pattern

Clamp collar allows quick change

NEW -- Smoker Steel Center 
Triangle Hub

Steel Hub will not split under heavy use

Double Clamp - so key won't sheer under load

Longer Hub with longer key

Uses same Triangle Gears

SMOKER - Quick Change Engine Hub & Sprockets for Honda

Hub clamps securely to the engine shaft

6061-T6 Aluminum Hub and Gears

The unique triangular hole sprocket is put on the hub and secured with a clamp collar.

The back flange on the hub is thin so the gear is close to the motor for maximum chain clearance

Both the gear and locking collar are lightweight

NEW - Smoker Skip Tooth Gears

Gears fit either of the Triangle Hubs shown

Less teeth means less friction

6061-T6 Alumininum

30T - 38T available

Can supply other teeth count if wanted


Belt Drive Gears & Kits

Part # Description Price Qty
2095-ET60  Smoker Belt Drive Engine Gear, 60T $179.00
2095-ET54  Smoker Belt Drive Engine Gear, 54T $179.00
2095-RP41  Rear Plastic Gear, 41 - 48T - specify $45.00
2095-RP49  Rear Plastic Gear, 49 - 56T - specify $50.00
2095-B800  Drive Belt, 800mm $28.00
2095-B840  Drive Belt, 840mm $28.50
2095-B880  Drive Belt, 880mm $29.00
2095-BK  Bolt Kit for Rear Axle hub $13.50
2095-A60  Belt Drive Kit -- 60T Engine + belt, bolt kit & 3 gears $360.00
2095-A54  Belt Drive Kit -- 54T Engine + belt, bolt kit & 3 gears $360.00

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Smoker Gears & Hubs

Part # Description Price Qty
2099-HT  Smoker Triangle Quick Change Hub, Aluminum $49.00
2099-S22-27  Smoker Engine TRI-Gears, 22-27T, specify $17.50
2099-S28-38  Smoker Engine TRI Gears, 28-38T, specify $19.50
2099-S39-42  Smoker Engine TRI Gears, 39-42T, specify $20.50
2099-HS  Smoker World Formula Hub, Square pattern $49.00
2099-SS27-37  Smoker 7075-T6 Gears, Square hub, 27-37T, specify $29.50
2099-HTS  NEW - Smoker Triangle Quick Change Hub, STEEL $75.00
2099-ST  NEW - Smoker Skip Tooth Gear, 30-38, specify $19.50

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Engine Hubs - Your Choice

Heavy Duty Clamp On Aluminum Hub

4130 Steel Clamp On Hub

HAYES Quick Change Clamp On Hub
 (has no keyway to sheer) NEW LOW PRICE

Complete with bolts & nuts

Aluminum Gears

2 sets of 3 holes accommodates both West Coast and East Coast bolt patterns.

Holes may be countersunk if you want.

7075-T6 Aluminum

17T - 42T available for the Motor

24T-32T available for the Rear Axle

Lightweight Steel Engine Gears

These gears have been turned down and further lightened by drilling holes in them

17T - 26T available  

Standard Steel Gears - also available (not lightened)

Fiser Gear Hubs

1 1/4 and 1 3/8 ID available

Spring loaded - just pull, twist and lock to change gears

Lightweight Rear Axle Hub

This hub is extremely simple to use. You just unlock the clamp collar that is on the hub, put on the split gear and then relock the clamp collar.
1 1/4" and 1 3/8" available
Heavy Duty Chainbreaker

Pushes the pin all the way out.

Works on #35 and #40 chain

Replacement pins are available

#40 Chain

Order by the foot or by the 10ft box

Connecting links and 1/2 links available

Gear Hubs and Chain

Part # Description Price Qty
2093-A  Heavy Duty aluminum clamp on motor hub $19.50
2093-S  4130 Steel clamp on motor hub $29.50
2093-Q  HAYES Quick Change Motor Hub, no keyway (NEW PRICE) $29.50
2094L-1 1/4  Lightweight 1 1/4 Rear axle gear hub, clamp on style $65.00
2094L-1 3/8  Lightweight 1 3/8 Rear axle gear hub, clamp on style $65.00
2096-1 1/4  Fiser -1 1/4 Rear axle gear hub, spring loaded $79.00
2096-1 3/8  Fiser - 1 3/8 Rear axle gear hub, spring loaded $79.00
2097-10  #40 chain, 10 ft box $20.00
2097-1  #40 chain, per foot (order by feet) $2.50
2097-C  #40 chain, connecting link, each $.60
2097-1/2  #40 chain, 1/2 link, each $.95
2098  Chain Breaker $35.00

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Aluminum Engine Gears - 6 Hole Pattern
(fits both East Coast & West Coast bolt patterns)


Part # Description  Price Qty
2091-17  17T  -  $18.00
2091-18  18T -  $18.00
2091-19  19T-  $18.00
2091-20  20T -  $18.00
2091-21  21T -  $18.00
2091-22  22T -  $18.00
2091-23  23T -  $18.00
2091-24  24T -  $18.00
2091-25  25T -  $18.00
2091-26  26T -  $18.00
2091-27  27T -  $18.00
2091-28  28T ---  $18.00
2091-29  29T ---  $18.00

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Part # Description Price Qty
2091-30  30T $18.00
2091-31  31T $18.00
2091-32  32T $18.00
2091-33  33T $18.00
2091-34  34T $18.00
2091-35  35T $18.00
2091-36  36T $18.00
2091-37  37T $18.00
2091-38  38T $18.00
2091-39  39T $18.00
2091-40  40T $18.00
2091-41  41T $18.00
2091-42  42T $18.00

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 Split Axle Gears 

Part # Description Price Qty
2092-23  Split Axle Gear, 23T $18.00
2092-24  Split Axle Gear, 24T $18.00
2092-25  Split Axle Gear, 25T $18.00
2092-26  Split Axle Gear, 26T $18.00
2092-27  Split Axle Gear, 27T $18.00
2092-28  Split Axle Gear, 28T $18.00
2092-29  Split Axle Gear, 29T $18.00
2092-30  Split Axle Gear, 30T $18.00
2092-31  Split Axle Gear, 31T $18.00
2092-32  Split Axle Gear, 32T $18.00
2092-33  Split Axle Gear, 33T $18.00

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Lightweight Steel Engine Gears

Part # Description Price Racer Qty
2091-17SL  17T Lightweight Steel Gear $35.00  
2091-18SL  18T Lightweight Steel Gear $35.50  
2091-19SL  19T Lightweight Steel Gear $36.00  
2091-20SL  20T Lightweight Steel Gear $36.50  
2091-21SL  21T Lightweight Steel Gear $37.00 $34.00
2091-22SL  22T Lightweight Steel Gear $37.50 $34.00
2091-23SL  23T Lightweight Steel Gear $38.00 $34.50
2091-24SL  24T Lightweight Steel Gear $38.50 $34.50
2091-25SL  25T Lightweight Steel Gear $39.00 $35.00
2091-26SL  26T Lightweight Steel Gear $39.50 $35.00

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Standard Steel Engine Gears

Part # Description Price Qty
2091-17S  17T Steel Gear $25.00
2091-18S  18T Steel Gear $26.00
2091-19S  19T Steel Gear $27.00
2091-20S  20T Steel Gear $28.00
2091-21S  21T Steel Gear $27.00
2091-22S  22T Steel Gear $28.00

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