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Building the New 2019 Boomerang Quarter Midget

Click on the pictures for a bigger closeup view --


     NEW Frame design - 

             Take a close look at our frame and you will see that it is one of the best designed frames out there.

             We have added a cross tube up front and two new cage support tubes directly behind the head rest.


Frame - Right Side view

Left Side Layover Tube

Side tube extends to motor area
 for easy access to gears

Adjustable Brake Pedal
 mounting bracket & MC

Gas Pedal mounting bracket

NEW Offset Front Axle installed




                           Tanner Vision shocks or AFCO shocks are standard.  ARS shocks are an optional extra.


Car now comes with the Super Axle

Fully adjustable Camber & Caster

LF Shock mounts slightly inboard

Left Front vertical tube is moved back 
to give shock clearance for more offset


   NEW Lightweight Billet Aluminum Bearing Carriers -

        These new carriers are really light and use stacked bearings to eliminate crush problems

       We had a special brake plate made to bolt to the RR carrier to mount the Martin Dual Brake Caliper. 


New Billet Bearing Carrier
with Dual Acting Caliper

Right Rear Shock Mount

Left Rear Shock Mount &
New Billet Bearing Carrier

   NEW Tail and Firewall -

        We have closed in the front of the tail section and it now fastens to the frame with two Dzus at the rear.

        The gas tank is still post mounted but it is moved back so that the tail can slip down in front of it

        The firewall extends up only to the cross tube and the upholstery snaps to the firewall.

        The headrest section of the tail is off-set as is the gas tank to accommodate any special carburetors.


Post Mounted Gas Tank

New Tail is closed in on the front


Tail is offset and fastens with
 Dzus on bottom sides

Quick Change Gear Hub is easy
to use with locking collar

NEW - 2 bolt adjuster plate is standard 

New - Front Nose Panel




With all these Standard Features

  • Aluminum body, Fiberglass Tail

  • NEW Super Front Axle

  • Sliding Billet Aluminum Motor plate

  • 1 1/4" - 7075 T6 Aluminum Rear Axle

  • Lightweight Steel Brake Disc

  • Swaged Radius arms

  • Tanner Vision or AFCO Shocks

  • Boomerang 2% Springs


  Basic Car -  $4950.00

Add On -- Optional Extras

  Powder Coat Frame 190.00
  Powder Coat Bumpers & Knerf Bars 50.00
  Powder Coat Body Panels 60.00
  Tires & Wheels (Polished or Black) 450.00
  Eibach Springs 50.00
  ARS Shocks 200.00
  Quick Release Steering Hub 45.00
  Splined 1 3/8" Rear Axle 125.00