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SUPER FRONT AXLE from Boomerang Racing


                       Fast Forward to 1994

With the advent of newer tires that had a lot more bite, cars were being offset with the right side tires being a lot further out from the frame than the left side tires.

Fast Track Racing introduced the first Offset Zero Scrubb Axle in 1994.
This axle was patterned after the original FX Axle but it was extended on the right side to OFFSET the car. In addition many new ideas were incorporated 

  • Both front spindles were moved inside the front wheels so that each wheel would pivot on the center of the tire where it touched the ground instead of moving in an arc. This made it easier to steer and eliminated Bump Steer.
        (The RF wheel used a 4" rim on the inside and a 2" rim on the outside). 

  • The right front spindle bracket had a new Fast Track Camber Adjust Block

  • The spindle arms were redesigned and curved to clear the wheels.

 From the 1996 Fast Track catalog (shown) you had your choice of axles -- 

  • FX & FEX axles

  • F/T Standard Swept Axle with and without Camber Adjust.

  • A Straight Front Axle

  • Straight and Swept Axles for 10 degree spindles (for dirt)

  • and the New Fast Track Offset axles in 2 different lengths

In 1986 ---- 
Fast Track Racing  introduced the first production COIL CAR.
It was sold with or without Torsion Bars. ( Most cars ran torsion bars at this time.)  The axle was still the Standard Swept Axle - no offset yet.
These axles used the Clicker Shocks and springs made just for them.
The "Quarter Midget Shocks" had not been designed or built yet.

New Offset Front Axle with a Low Mount Coil bracket
   In  1996 Fast Track offered an offset front axle for a coil car with the shock and coil mounted on the back side of the axle and down low. This axle still used the clicker shocks and springs designed for them but newer shocks designed just for Quarter Midgets were coming on the market. 

The 1996 Fast Track catalog also showed a New Lightweight Aluminum shock using larger diameter coil springs. These springs would soon become the springs of choice and the new "Quarter Midget Shocks" would take over. 

NEW Nervo/Coggin Quarter Midget --
John Nervo had been driving Fast Track cars and was featured 
              on the cover of the Fast Track Racing catalog for 1991)
When NC Chassis brought out their first car it used the same Fast Track Frame design and the same Offset Front axle but instead of using torsion bars, Coil Over Shocks were mounted using the same tabs on top of the axle as were originally used for the Torsion bars.

     This proved to be a winning combination and soon all cars were switching
     from Torsion bars to Coil Over's. 

Other car manufacturers soon came out with their own offset axles with the Coils mounted on top of the axle and with the same Fast Track Camber Adjust blocks. All these axles used the new curved arm spindles designed  for Zero Scrubb. As time went on all manufacturers moved the shock mounts from the top of the axle to the backside of the axle.

Over the years the Offset Axles have varied in length from 29" - 32" (measured spindle to spindle). In the last few years they have settled at 30" for asphalt.

On some axles like Fiser and Stanley, the "U" bracket and Spindle tube have been reversed with the Spindle tube welded to the end of the axle and the "U" bracket being part of the spindle but they still use the same basic Swept Axle design.
The axles have also been redesigned to use 3 bends (instead of 4), 2 bends and even down to 1 bend but the whole idea of giving the driver more legroom still applies.

Along the way, NC redesigned their front axle to use fully adjustable "U" brackets with little aluminum Camber adjust blocks. (It still uses the same curved arm spindles)

That was a good idea and so - the Super Front Axle from Boomerang Racing
(We have made axles for our cars and many other cars using the NC adjustable "U" brackets and Camber blocks)

                    So - it all began with the FX Front Swept axle

Thanks for your time
Have a good day and keep safe.                                         George Goddard