Quarter Midgets




DANA POINT, California    2010

Dana Point is a harbor and marina for 100's
of boats - all shapes and sizes
This shows the breakwater between the ocean 
and the harbor - 

Lots of big homes high on the cliffs behind the harbor

Interested bystander
Ground squirrels live in the rocks by the water

Boats going in and out to the ocean -- all day long

There is a driveway between the water and the 
harbor where you can camp out all day  while 
you barbecue dinner and watch the boats go by.

Coming down the driveway --- 

This is a tall ship (pirate ship) coming back in
from a cruise on the ocean. They take all the sails
down before coming back in 

This is another cruise ship going out with passengers
on board.    Says they are looking for Dolphins. 

One crowded dinghy 

Paddle boarder with a passenger on board

Unique party boat
We see boats of all shapes and sizes go by

Paddling for fun