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New -- Boomerang 2012

What's in your Trailer?

Nose panel detaches easily for access to front 
These panels have been powder coated "Petty Blue" 

Left Rear panel detaches for easy access to gears
Seat shown is an extra cost option

With all these Standard Features

Super - Draft Aluminum Body 

2 piece front nose panels

Powder Coated Panels - any standard color

Powder Coated Frame - any standard color

Sliding Billet Aluminum Motor plate

1 1/4" - 7075 T6 Aluminum Rear Axle

Billet Aluminum Spindles

Tires, Wheels & Hubs

Lightweight Steel Disc

Swaged Radius arms

Gen 2 Tanner Pressure shocks


Boomerang 2012 --------- $5,200.00 
Honda 120 - installed --   $795.00
Honda 160 - installed --   $825.00
(includes deluxe linkage, gears, hub, chain, wiring, pipe, adjustable pipe bracket and oil) 

             Dyno Tune motor ------   $200.00   

Call us for special pricing on the car that you want!

The right side shock mounts are adjustable 
Shown with Aluminum Spindle Front Axle

The left front shock is set inboard to get more offset - 
Adjustable Pedal and Heel Stop also shown -- 

Adjustable Rear shock mount 
 Eibach springs are Optional

Sliding Motor Mount plate 
Polishing is Optional

Each car is custom built - you don't buy it off the floor!!
When you place an order for a new car, these are the steps we go through to build your car --- 

Determine what size car is best for your driver. For drivers less than 100# we like to keep them in a short car.

Determine what color body and frame you want. The frame and body are powder coated and can be different
colors. We use a powder coat shop that specializes in all the trick colors and can give you any color you want.

The tail, which is fiberglass, can be either white or black. We can have it painted to match the body (optional) 

Once the order is placed, we build your frame, finish weld it and then stress relieve all the welds.

The finished frame goes to the body shop where an aluminum body is fitted to the frame for a perfect fit. 

The frame and body are then powder coated to your specifications. This can take a week or more. 

Once the frame and body are coated, the car can be assembled, crated and then shipped. 

This whole process can take up to 6 weeks or more depending on other car orders ahead of you. 

So- if you want a car built just for you, call us and we will handle all of the details


 2012 Car Pricing

ORANGE SHOW, Californa 
World's Fastest 1/4 Midget Track


Basic Car - Aluminum Body/Gen 2 Shocks $4150.00
   Powder Coat Body panels - Black, In Stock Colors 100.00
  Powder Coat panels - Special order colors 175.00
  Powder Coat Frame -- Black, In Stock Colors 175.00
  Powder Coat Frame - Special order colors 250.00
  Chrome Bumpers, Knerfs, Front Axle 200.00
   Tires, Wheels and Hubs 375.00
   All Aluminum Polished 150.00
   Tube Steering shaft 25.00
   Quick Release Steering Hub 45.00
   Kirkey Seat with cover 125.00
   Fiser Aluminum Spindle Front Axle 125.00
   Splined 1 3/8" Rear Axle 200.00
   One Piece Polished Aluminum wheels 50.00
   Paint tail to match body color (Acrylic Enamel) 150.00
   Swaged Radius arms 50.00
   EIBACH Springs 50.00
   ARS Shocks 300.00
   HONDA 120 installed 750.00
   HONDA 160 installed 775.00
   Dyno Tune Honda Motor 200.00
 Call for a custom price on your car